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Material Description

PLA or Polyactic Acid is undeniably one of the most versatile materials when it comes to 3D printing. It is cheap, strong, eco-friendly and available in almost every color. PLA is the perfect material choice for you who just wants something cool such as a keychain with your name printed on it, or maybe a nice looking phone stand. It is almost always the perfect material.



PLA is the cheapest material you can find when it comes to 3D printing. It’s, therefore, the perfect material for you who wants to rapid prototype a product where cost makes a big difference. Because of the low price, we are able to lower the cost of 3D printing, making it more available to everyone.



Besides being awesome and versatile, PLA is also environment-friendly. It’s mostly made up out of corn starch and sugar cane which is a renewable resource compared to other oil-based materials such as ABS. This drastically reduces the time for a print to completely degrade in nature from thousands of years to just 24 months.


Perfect for hobbyists

Want to print a movie prop or maybe a wing mount for an RC-plane? In that case, PLA is a really good option. The material is very easy to work with and can easily be sanded to a smooth finish and colored with any spray paint.

Available Colors

Max. Size: 300x300x400 mm
Ship within: 5 working days