3D ABAX is an easy to use, high-end, 3d printing price calculator add-on for your website. It handles many different 3d file formats and gives your customers instant quotes.

Instant Quote

Give your customers the chance to find out instantly how much will their model cost to 3d print. All they have to do is upload their models and choose printing material.

Online Payment

Give the option to your clients to order and pay for their models instantly online. All they have to do is upload their models, choose their desired material, add to cart and proceed with the payment online via their method of choice.

Model Preview

Preview the uploaded models through our intuitive model previewer. It is packed with a bunch of options such as light/dark background, wireframe mode, dimensions preview, full screen mode, take snapshot and more.

Model Fixing

Problematic models are fixed with the click of a button. Our system fixes inverted normals, bad edges, overlapping triangles and intersecting triangles.

File Manager

Multiple file upload and management system makes the user experience really friendly. Customers can choose different print settings for each one of their models or the same setting for all of them simultaneously. They can also choose which one they wish to add to cart.

Get your free account now and gain access to a powerful admin dashboard.

Customers Manager

Manage your clients and keep track of their orders easily. Add, edit or delete clients or just let it get populated automatically through the ordering system.

Discounts Manager

Create special offers for your clients, or give permanent discount to special customers. Create and manage your discounts scheme and coupons from the discount manager.

Orders Manager

Keep track of your orders through the orders manager and update their status easily. Get informed in a glimpse about the pending and latest orders.

Shipping Settings

Add-Edit-Delete all the shipping services you offer to your clients. It also includes shipping-address based filters making your life easier.

Machines Manager

Setup and keep track of your 3d printers, whether they are online or not. Associate your machines with the printing materials and services your offer for better tracking.

Materials Manager

Manage all the different materials you offer along with all the necessary information, photos and colors. You can even associate a different pricing scheme for every material.

Custom Pricing

Create your own custom pricing schemes by utilizing and combining a bunch of options available such as start-up cost, volume pricing, bounding box pricing and many more.

Print Queue

Manage your outstanding prints in a simple and easy to use screen. All outstanding prints/files/models get organized per machine/material in order to keep better track of them and know which print comes next. A great tool to have in your lab.

Custom Automatic Emails

Create a seamless ordering experience for your customers to enjoy by customizing the automatic emails your customers get when they request quotes or order and pay online for their prints.

Access to Designers

Get immediate access to a competent team of 3d designers and 3d modelers allowing you to offer professional scan fixing and other 3d modelling services to your clients.

3D ABAX is a truly functional free add-on.

Pro version, though, offers some extra features, priority email support, and even more customization.




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Hi! We are a team of developers and modelers working in the 3d printing and web development sector for some years now. We are also responsible for the creation of planfab.eu and some other great stuff published or under development…

3D Abax is a price calculator and business management app in one. It was initially developed for internal use but after many requests we decided to build a commercial version that anyone can easily add on his website and use.

Feel free to contact us for questions, requests or just to say hi!